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Dedicated to promoting growth and development

Evolving Minds Learning Center was created to address the need for quality child care.  Our goal is to ensure that our customers, which are considered to be extended family, receive the highest quality of care that children deserve.  We value the importance of self-confidence and believe that every child is an important addition to The Universe.  We utilize the six dimensions of wellness when working with children to ensure that they are prepared and equipped for success.  We are always open to constructive feedback and suggestions and we are thrilled to work with you and your little one(s)!

You must be the change that you wish to see in the world.
                                                                              -Mahatma Gandhi (paraphrase)


Each and every child is provided with the utmost quality of care and education because they deserve it.  We focus on the child as a whole using the Six Dimensions of Wellness (environmental, physical, spiritual, intellectual, social and, emotional).  Every child receives nurturing from all team members of our facility.  Our children will grow to become influential leaders in our community utilizing the tools that have been extended to them during their most critical years in life, childhood. They will have a strong understanding of their individual identity as well as their place in society.  They will seek to pass along the knowledge and love that has been instilled in them to inspire the next generation to become even greater

Mission Statement

Our primary focus with each child is to create a safe, nurturing, and loving environment.  Once trust and security have been developed, children are more receptive to the developmentally-appropriate learning opportunities provided for them as well as feeling secure enough to explore using their creative imaginations.  We utilize The Six Dimensions of Wellness (environmental, physical, spiritual, intellectual, social, and emotional) into our program so that we can assist the child as a whole. 

Core Value Statement

My Second Home Early Learning School is dedicated to the following value: “When you provide loving care to children and foster genuine relationships with the families and the community, you are a step closer to making lasting changes within the child and your community.”- Robin Treadway, Founder

This is accomplished by our PASSIONATE principles:

Our Proactive Accountability system allows us to provide Super, Supportive staff members that appreciate Individuality and understand that an Open heart is needed to help our children blossom into the leaders that we see within. They are Nurturing educators that are Appreciative of aTeamwork approach within our facilities to provide an Exciting experience for both our children and families, which overflows into our community.



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PO Box 728 Loughman, FL 33858

*Please Note: I am a home provider and address information will be provided prior to center tour arrival. Please contact for more informationn.

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